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ASP.NET MVC - Generate SPA Web App instantly


  • This Tool generates data driven ASP.NET MVC - SPA applications in seconds. An invaluable tool for redeveloping and fast tracking conversion of old legacy applications written in Access, Spreadsheets, and other obsolete software.
  • The generated SPA web app, has been fully tested and quality assured, and all code can be customized from within Visual Studio 2012 or 2013(including Express versions).
  • The resultant web app will fit and resize on all devices, including mobile phones.
  • The Visual Studio solution can be regenerated from this Tool anytime, as all the database definitions and solutions are stored for each User.
  • An important feature of this Tool, is that you can generate a solution in either ASPX or Razor, and Entity Framework or ADO, or any combination of these.
  • It is a FREE tool that has no proprietary DLLs or libraries, and you are not locked into a proprietary IDE.


  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2012 / 2013 Express
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4.0
  • Microsoft .NET C# 4.0
  • jQuery
  • bootstrap
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Points of Interest

  • All the source code provided will actually, have the Generator working fully. I have also included the stored database definition.
  • I have spent over 3 years developing this Tool, and I have used it in developing a major permits application, for the an Australian Government Department.

      This Tool is in direct competition with other products, such as Ironspeed, Codeontime and others.

         The major differences are:-
           1. Creates ASP.NET MVC C# code.
           2. Not locked into a proprietary IDE.
           3. Not dependent on proprietary DLLs and libraries.
           4. Generated web app, easily modified in Visual Studio or other .NET IDEs (eg SharpDevelop).
           5. Developed by a highly qualified and experienced programmer, and tested 100% on all major   browsers.
           6. And of course is an Open Source product.

Demos - Introduction - Demo, Create new Solution - Demo, Create Database definition(schema) - Demo, Generate Code - Demo, Unzip and Build in Visual Studio - Demo, Show on Mobile devices - Final Wrap up

Screen Shots




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